What is the role of Your Logo in Your Brand Strategy?

What is the role of Your Logo in Your Brand Strategy?

What is the role of Your Logo in Your Brand Strategy?

Logo is significant because it is a symbol that represents your business. It provides your consumers with an instant recognition of the products and/or services that you offer. However, it is a mistake if you think that Logo makes up your branding. Logo is just 1 piece of your Branding strategy.

Ensure that Logo creation falls into your branding strategy and not the other way around. Or else the Logo could put across a wrong message without a strategy behind it. This could hinder your brand as a whole if the logo doesn’t fit your image of what you want to portray as a business. It important to keep your brand message consistent to increase customer recognition.

When You’re Ready to Create Your Logo

Your Logo’s mission is to portray the values and goals of your company. So ensure these ideas are clearly established before venturing out to creating or finding a logo. Many times businesses choose logos which just visually appealing for their current circumstances. However, this might not work in the long term if the logo is not backed by a long term strategy. You must have a strong association between your Brand and Your Logo. And it is just 1 piece of branding strategy.

The Logo should communicate the personality of your business. There may be thousands of words you could use to describe the personality of your business, but if you try to convey this through your Logo it could be forgettable or overbearing. Instead, narrow down to 1 word that you would like the customers to associate with your business and focus on representing that in your logo.

As mentioned earlier, ensure that you will be able to use the Logo in Long term as it is something that consumers associate it to recognize your business in the long haul.

Tips for Creating a Memorable Logo

Well Logo being your visual representation of your Business, let your mind wander. Be unique, be cleaver. Your logo doesn’t necessarily need to be complicated. Simple logos are the most memorable ones. Consider who your target audience is. Think about the colours and shapes when planning the design and how those associations can impact your consumers. It is essential to think about your Logo in the context of your overall industry and play into your brand strategy.


The Bottom Line

Using a strong Branding strategy to design a Logo while help communicates a message that attracts the target audience and sends a message that creates confidence in your brand. This will differentiate you from your competitors.

So ask yourself this question does your logo fulfil this mission? If your answer is no, it may be time to consider strengthening your brand strategy and looking at a new logo. We are here to help. Wishbox digital will work with you and come up with long term strategies that will help grow your brand as a whole.

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Anoohya  Maganti

Founder of Wishbox Digital

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