StoryBox Session 1

StoryBox Session 1

An evening of wonder, stars in the sky, knitting a web of stories. An evening that was witness to stories which were amicable, admirable and some of which left us spellbound.‘ StoryBox ’, session 1, where stories were shared, souls were soothed and feelings were given a voice.

While some of you shared your experiences on how you landed your dream job, few of you shared struggles on how they were trying to catch up their dreams. Few shared their ambitions and few narrated how they were still trying to figure things out.

Everyone had a story and each story was special. Stories that were inspiring and stories that were interesting. Stories that were shared will be remembered. Each soul had a story and every story was one of its kinds. And that’s how our first session was-A success.

For stories that are left untold, for stories that are left unshared and for stories that still to be heard.  Storybox is waiting to listen to all of them.

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